Specialising in medical film, I tell patient life stories to broadcast standard, from a human perspective, for a large US-based Lifesciences concern, across their European region.

As a versatile and editorially creative Producer/Director with solid storytelling, direction and production skills, and a background as a senior Editor, producing and editing development pilots for broadcast projects or directing branded content films, I provide a broad-based creative production service through Blue Window Ltd, drawing on a long-standing network of associated freelance specialists; directors of photography, film editors, production managers and audio facilities. During lockdown, we have continued to produce material telling the story of how the corporation has responded to the crisis.

Fr Juan, Santander, Spain
Professor Kalangos, Mitera Children’s Hospital, Athens
Dan Gay, Basketball professional, Bologna

Our patient stories range from a young child in Greece to an 80-year old heart patient in Bonn, Germany. We have recently produced patient story films in Ireland, Italy, Poland and Spain.

Mrs Kopp, Heart patient, Bonn
University Hospital, Mainz

Originally trained to degree level in film at the University of Westminster, and with a background in feature film production, in recent years I have also produced and directed a pan-European Corporate film encompassing seven countries and five languages for ESTO, the European Synthetic Turf Organisation, produced, edited and graphically designed development pilots for major international documentary series with WAGTV, the UK’s leading contributor to Discovery Networks, edited episodes of ‘The Sheriffs Are Coming’ for BBC1, edited ‘Dogs on Duty’ for Discovery, edited pilot stories for a BBC2 hospital-based documentary series with ScreenCut TV as well as pilot stories for a police-based observational documentary series for BBC1, edited episodes of the long-running motoring show Fifth Gear with North One TV for Discovery/Quest, and a magazine programme for Channel Four/ITN Productions about para athletics. I always work on my own creative initiative to fashion stories within the format of a particular show or series.

My branded content clients include IOC, ESTO, Ford, Jaguar, IBM and WPP.  In an internal poll ranking of 100 trailers and commercials made by Sky Creative, two out of the top three were edited by me; one was an ITV and Cinema Commercial for the Sky Atlantic Drama Brand, and the other a National Theatre Live! Sky Arts showreel for broadcast to cinemas internationally. I worked originally in feature films as an assistant film editor on ‘Defence of the Realm’, ‘Max Headroom’ for HBO, ‘The Dress’, a BAFTA award winning short with Michael Palin, and then as an editor of TV commercials for the US market, of full length broadcast documentaries for the BBC science series ‘Antenna’, for ITV’s ‘The Human Factor’, and for the series ‘Understanding Northern Ireland’ for Channel 4.